Digital Signage

The screen film for projectors


Projection New Experience

-Wide format & Short format Attractive color-

SaiVis is a screen film, projects high-luminance and high definition image even compatible to ultra short throw projectors.
Accommodate both rear and front projection.
Variety of application such as Digital Signage and ambient decoration.


360 degrees super-wide viewing angle

  • SaiVis provides high-brightness, high-definition image from both front and rear of the screen.
  • No restriction of the viewing angle significantly attracts the viewer passing through the show window.

Most suitable for ultra short throw rear projection

  • You can enjoy the high definition image from the ultra short throw projector without notable brightness irregularity.
  • Wide screen size projection attainable with narrow backyard space.

Easy solution for over 100 inch display

  • Window area can be converted to over 100 inch screen.
  • Easy installation comparing to heavy LCD monitor.

Selection of four type films desirablefor use

  • White for significantly bright projection.
  • Gray for high contrast projection under bright circumstance.
  • Transparent for projection with floating feeling, and special ambient effect. Lineup of two products with different transparency and brightness.

The example of construction

Window signage using the glass surface of the store

Projection mapping event

Video production by roll screen


Product Name Type Size
Adhesion MPRS-W100AH Bright type 1,524mm x 10m
MRPS-G100AH High contrast type
MRPS-T100AH Transparent type
MRPS-C100AH Clear type
Unadhesion MRPS-W100P Bright type
MRPS-G100P High contrast type
MRPS-T100PR Transparent type
MRPS-C100PR Clear type


Product Name Film Color Thickness *1 Haze *1 *2 Total light transmittance *1 *3
Adhesion MRPS-W100AH, SH White 275µm 98% ≦ 52%
MRPS-G100AH, SH Gray 275µm 98% ≦ 31%
MRPS-T100AH, SH Transparent 200µm 23% 83%
MRPS-C100AH, SH Clear 200µm 7% 88%
Unadhesion MRPS-W100P White 150µm 98% ≦ 64%
MRPS-G100P Gray 150µm 98% ≦ 41%
MRPS-T100PR Transparent 120µm 24% 83%
MRPS-C100PR Clear 120µm 8% 88%

The values shown above are typical values, not guaranteed values.
*1.Without separate film. *2.Haze:JIS K 7136 *3.Total light transmittance:JIS K 7361-1

Layer composition

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