Compute To Film

Graphic Arts Film with Thermal Digiplater

TDP-459II/TDP-324II TDP-750/TDP-580

No chemicals, No toner, No ink-ribbon and No wash-off required.
Perfectly processless CTF System.

  • Dependable thermal inline head technology
  • Native 1,200 dpi thermal film technology
  • No chemicals! No toner! No ink ribbon!
  • Easy maintenance!
  • High speed maximum 75 sheets/hr (TDP-459II/324II)
  • High speed maximum 55 sheets/hr (TDP-750/580)
  • Excellent repeatability

Technical specifications

TDP-324II TDP-459II TDP-580 TDP-750
Imaging Technology Direct thermal imaging method
Output Media TDP-IFS125/TDL-IFL100
Film Width 230mm to 324mm 310mm to 459mm 500mm to 590mm 590mm to 750mm
Film Length 150mm to 1500mm 150mm to 660mm *1 220mm to 775mm 220mm to 775mm *2
Maximum Imaging Width 324mm 360mm 590mm 670mm
Resolution 1204dpi
Recording Speed 75sheets/hr *3 55sheets/hr *3
Power Requirements AC90 to 264V Auto sending
Dimensions(WxDxH) 515 X 656 X 383mm 590 X 990 X 410mm
Weight 55kg 98kg
Environment 25±5°C, 50-70% relative humidity

*1 A maximum length of 1,500mm(positive and negative) is possible if optional RIP add-on is purchased.
*2 A maximum length of 1,900mm(positive)/1,300mm(negative) is possible if optional RIP add-on is purchased.
*3 Recording speed varies based on image size and film output(negative or positive).

Dimensional drawing

TDP-IFS125/TDP-IFL100 -Thermal Graphic Arts Film-

  • Truly processless CTF (Computer-to-Film) film
  • Absolutely no chemical required
  • Eliminates toner & ink
  • Good dimensional stability. Accurate registration
  • Available in rolls
  • Daylight handling

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