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CTP Polyester/Paper Printing Plates

Silver Digiplate

Silver Digiplate from Mitsubishi is the perfect CTP solution.

  • Economical CTP solution
  • Higher productivity at reduced cost
  • Perfect for short-run printing
  • Ideal for 1-, 2- and 4-colour work
  • High quality first-generation printing
  • For sheet fed and web presses

Silver Digiplate Polyester and Paper printing plates

MPM is the world leader in polyester and paper based silver halide printing plates.
Several thousand customers world wide have profited from our experience in CTP technology for more than 25 years.
Silver Digiplate increases productivity and lowers costs, even for printers with lower plate consumption. CTP eliminates conventional platemaking steps such as film exposure and manual plate copy and provides a quick return of investment for the complete CTP system.
You may already own the equipment you need to go CTP. Mitsubishi's line of Silver Digiplate materials produces first-generation printing plates from most laser imagesetters.
For the highest CTP performance SDP-Eco1630IIIR is a dedicated platesetter designed specifically for use with Silver Digiplate.
The Silver Digiplate system makes plate production easier on your business and with less waste it is friendlier to the environment.
Silver Digiplate is as effective in the press room as is in the prepress area. Its registration accuracy makes it perfect for either sheet fed or web presses.
The quality and stability of Silver Digiplate material will improve the cost efficiency of your production.

Specifications of Polyester/Paper printing plates

Substrate Material thickness Light source Run length
SDP-FRS175 Polyester, matt reverse side 0.20 mm Red-LD (633-680 nm), He-Ne (633 nm) 20,000 impressions
SDP-FR100 Polyester 0.12/0.20 mm Red-LD (633-680 nm), He-Ne (633 nm) 20,000 impressions
SDP-RR 175 Polyethylene coated paper 0.14/0.19 mm Red-LD (633-680 nm), He-Ne (633 nm) 10,000 impressions

This material is available in rolls for various imagesetter specifications.
Specification described above are dependent upon laser power as well as processing and press conditions.

Silver Halide direct Platemaking system

Silver Master

Silver Master plates are the perfect solution for a wide variety of printing needs, from the printing of large size paper and business forms, down to the printing of small card.

Specifications of Polyester/Paper printing plates

Substrate Thickness Core inner diameter Roll length Run length
SLM-R III Polyethylene coated paper 0.20 mm 72.5mm 75m 10,000 impressions
SLM-F III Polyester film 0.20 mm 72.5mm 61m 20,000 impressions
SLM-F100 Polyester film 0.13 mm 72.5mm 75m 20,000 impressions