Compute To Plate

Thermal Digiplater

TDP-459II/TDP-324II TDP-750/TDP-580

No chemicals, No toner, No ink-ribbon and No wash-off required.
Perfectly processless CTP System.

  • Dependable thermal inline head technology
  • Native 1,200 dpi thermal plate technology
  • No chemicals! No toner! No ink ribbon!
  • Easy maintenance!
  • High speed maximum 75 plates/hr (TDP-459II/324II)
  • High speed maximum 55 plates/hr (TDP-750/580)
  • Excellent repeatability

Technical specifications

TDP-324II TDP-459II TDP-580 TDP-750
Imaging Technology Direct thermal imaging method
Output Media TDP-R175
Plate Width 230mm to 324mm 310mm to 459mm 500mm to 590mm 590mm to 750mm
Plate Length 150mm to 660mm 220mm to 775mm
Maximum Imaging Width 324mm 360mm 590mm 670mm
Resolution 1204dpi
Recording Speed 75plates/hr *1 55plates/hr *1
Power Requirements AC90 to 264V Auto sending
Dimensions(WxDxH) 515 X 656 X 383mm 590 X 990 X 410mm
Weight 55kg 98kg
Environment 25±5°C, 50-70% relative humidity

*1 Recording speed varies based on image size output.

Dimensional drawing

TDP-R175 -Thermal Digiplate Offset Plate-

  • Truly processless CTP(Computer-to-Plate) paper-based plate
  • Absolutely no chemical required
  • High contrast image. Good image visibility
  • Available in rolls
  • Daylight handling

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